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Giovanni Saraceno

Gio has a degree in Chemical Engineering from USYD and LSU. He now works at a top flight International Marketing Consultancy. He is on track as an Executive Producer. He enjoys travelling, cooking and pushing his body to get the maximum out of life. Listen to Gio interview the Captains of Industry in his “As Per” Podcasts

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Francesca Saraceno

A UTS Bachelor of Communications & International studies graduate. Having studied in Milan for a year Francesca is a great asset to any team. Highly skilled in production she has completed numerous television commercials, TV series and 3 features films to date in her short career. Her directorial debut ‘LA FATTORIA’ is a suspenseful thriller with a wicked twist.


Giulio Saraceno

Currently studying Design and Visual Communications at UWS, Jules is an avid artist. His keen musical ear and visual eye give him a great advantage in the creative field. Well versed in photography and film production Jules is a trainee camera assistant. As an elite sportsman and football player Jules has all the attributes of a valuable team player.

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Make it stand out.

Standing apart from the crowd is where we excel.

Making your product stand out from the competition is our forté.

Our NEXT GEN communicators are training to continue on with our mantra, deliver absolute quality and your customers will return.


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